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In the past 11 years, I've mastered the art of Android development, steering over 36 projects including heavyweights like Yahoo, HBO, and Player FM, impacting over 50 million users across the globe. My focus? To elevate your tech department by engineering scalable code that sets the standard. I thrive on rapid, iterative communication—it's how empires are built. I favor Flutter and Kotlin, but don't underestimate my Python skills in advancing Machine Learning and AI to unprecedented levels.


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Building Android apps for mobile devices is something I have done numerous times. This experience enables me to extend my core skills to help you refactor messy ChatGPT code, as well as work on smartwatch and AR/VR app development.

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I focus on defining and leading your company's technological vision. I align technology strategies with business goals, ensuring scalability, and driving technological innovation to achieve superior results.

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Scrum Master

I conduct daily stand-ups, sprint planning, retrospectives, and reviews to keep the team aligned and focused on timely delivery of project milestones. I help remove obstacles to progress, coaching on Agile practices and create a collaborative environment

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Scrum Master



2014 - present


Owner & IT Consultant

We translate businesses into useful Android software led by user focused engineering.

Dedicated developing of Android native applications is the main service at Epigraph. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have a need for a mobile development expertise, because I can help.

• Founded a company to get more reliable job opportunities
• Built 3 apps from scratch to publish
• Managed, led, and taught 2 developers successfully
• Learned about business in general—how to build and how to grow one.

Technologies: Android, Java, REST, Parse, Firebase, Gradle, Git

2024 - present

AR Art Projector by Da Vinci Eye

Android Developer

2023 - Present

Job Hunter

Project Manager & Data Analyst

A tool for automating the job application process.

 • I hired 2 sales representatives through UpWork to help me apply to different positions and gradually automate the process.
 • We held daily meetings to review updates.
 • We utilized advanced and complex features of Google Sheets, such as pivot tables, formulas, and charts, to track the rewards and performance of sales representatives across two different sales approaches.

 • I wrote extensive documentation to help us stay on the right track. With Zapier, I automated generating leads and notifications for assignees in Slack after updates to statuses.
 • I had 2 mentors and meetings once a week with each.

Technologies: Google Sheets, ChatGPT, Zapier, RSS feeds, Google Docs, Slack, Trello

2023 - 2023


Android Developer

Letro is a service like email -- but end-to-end encrypted, spam-free, phishing-free and works without the Internet too -- all thanks to Awala which is a delay-tolerant, overlay network.

I was in charge of setting up the project from scratch in a Clean variation of an MVVM architecture without the Domain Layer.

Technologies: Android, Kotlin, MVVM, Coroutines, JIRA, GitHub, Ktlint, Material3

2023 - 2023


BI Analyst

  • An e-commerce webshop that sells food and beverages worldwide.

    The client had 2 years of sales data in a CSV from WooCommerce orders and 1 year tracking with Google Analytics which presented interesting challenges.

    There were 2 goals:
  •      • Figure out where to target the next campaign with maximizing profits &
         • Detect performance issues & UX/UI bottlenecks.

    In order to learn more about the BI tools, I had been switching between Power BI & Tableau.
    Here is the Git repository with the process of cleaning anonymized data.

    Some of the tasks during data cleaning were:
         • All transactions before 12th Aug 2022 from Croatia were in HRK -> convert to EUR to match the rest of the purchase history &
         • All transactions after 31st Dec 2022 were in EUR.

    Order shipping was sometimes empty -> asked the client -> there were 3 reasons why:
         • User used a coupon,
         • User from Croatia ordered more than 52 EUR of products &
         • User from the rest of the world ordered more than 290 EUR of products.

    • Some of the insights shared with the client
    • Order shipping was not properly applied to some of the transactions
    • Added few comparisons to discuss next potential target country, city, customer profile & product
    • I had 2 mentors and meetings once a week with each.

    Technologies:  Power BI, Tableau, Google Analytics, Python, Jupyter Notebook, GitHub, pandas, ChatGPT, Evernote, Trello
2022 - 2023


Android Developer

Free and user-friendly Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) patient support app.

I built the app from scratch to finish by copying iOS version with almost no guidance.
I loved the full freedom with a few architectural constraints. I had the most fun building the custom calendar and building the app in the Clean architecture.

The 2 most challenging screens were:

Treatment details - very complex data structure and presentation layer with 20 different mappers, designed to make the UX as smooth as possible &
Body map screen - utilized a C++ library to map body parts for selection. This was my 2nd time working with a native library and I loved the ease of use which another developer made. The biggest issue here was usage of enums -- sealed classes would be a much better way to do this.

Technologies: Android, Jetpack Compose, Kotlin, C++, Clean, MVVM, Hilt, Room, SDK + NDK, GitHub, Git Actions, Firebase Analytics, Crashlytics and Releases

2021 - 2022 again 2023 - 2023

Geolocation Wristband

Android Architect/Lead Engineer

Assistive Technology and Remote Supports

• I was part of the 5-person team that Toptal provided for the client.
• There was 1 Senior and 1 Junior Delivery Manager, a Project Manager, and a UX/UI designer.
• I communicated with 2 POs, 1 DevOps, 2 technical support employees, and led another Android Senior Engineer on a daily basis.

• I was the go-to tech person for this project, serving as the Android Architect/Lead Engineer.
• I was in charge of research and development and took on critical project risks.

Up to that point, I had done the following:

 • Researched the market and watched client requirements,
 • Set up Epics and Stories for the MVP in collaboration with the team,
 • Built a roadmap for delivery,
 • Wrote the setup guide for the app to work properly in KIOSK mode on the smartwatch &
 • Built native calls functionality with custom UI (not VoIP).

Technologies:  Android Wear OS, Kotlin, MVVM, Flow, Android Jetpack, Azure Git, SureMDM, Esper, JIRA, Figma, SCRUM, Sprint, Room, Coroutines, Retrofit, Call management, Hilt, Jetpack Compose


2021 - 2022


Android Developer

SafeinHome OneTouch empowers people to live independently in their own homes and communities using a remote supports staff and assistive technologies.

The client had an immediate need for revamping the app which had a basic functionality but a lot of legacy code and after the Discovery phase of the Geolocation Wristband, they liked my work and hired me on this one too.

• I was in charge of Code Review, bug fixing and updating the code which included converting Java files to Kotlin, adding the MVVM architecture to the original no-architecture and following all the best practices.

• I helped improve development processes, including staging and production environments, on-boarding instructions for future Android developers, CI/CD pipeline, and release cycles.

Technologies: Android, Kotlin, Java, Volley, Azure, Firebase Crashlytics, Splunk RUM

2021 - 2021

Yahoo Fantasy

Android Senior Engineer

Yahoo Fantasy Sports is the #1 rated fantasy sports app to play Fantasy Football, Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Basketball, Fantasy Hockey, Daily Fantasy, Bracket Mayhem, Best Ball & more.

I was in charge of updating features in the Daily Fantasy part of the app while also updating the code from Java to Kotlin and from a variety of architectural patterns to MVVM with RxJava.

I had also done the following:

 • Built guides for the refactoring for other developers to follow,
 • Built my own tasks according to product directions,
 • Agile Kanban with daily SCRUM meetings,
 • Helped update different developer guides and JIRA ticket templates &
 • Helped in optimizing processes inside of the team.

Technologies: Kotlin, Java, RxJava, Dagger, JIRA, Screwdriver, code with different architectures MVVM, MVP & MVC

2020 - 2021

Plume Workpass

Android Senior Engineer

Worked as a part of 20 Android people team and more than 100 people team that worked on this app My first project with a Clean architecture and Kotlin Multiplatform. I worked on almost every part of the app, from data layer, through domain and presentation until the UI. One very useful concept that I learned were the mappers between each layer in the clean architecture. Very useful to know. Technologies: Android, AndroidX, Clean, MVVM, Dagger 2, JIRA, GitHub, Figma
2019 - 2019

Android Senior/Lead Engineer

TakhTutor AR

2019 - 2019


Android Developer

2019 - 2019


Android Developer

  • I was in charge of implementing a screen reader accessibility feature from scratch
  • One of the best experiences was working with this company
  • Technologies used: Kotlin, Bitrise, GitLab
2016 - 2018

FYX Mechanic

Android Lead Engineer

Roadstar Driver and Mechanic apps -- Uber for truck drivers in need of mechanics

I have been responsible for the full development of 2 Android apps and 1 Ionic app built for both Android and iOS.

 • Worked on real-time push notifications with Firebase,
 • Implemented location services and worked with Google Maps,
 • Presented and interacted with 3D models &
 • Captured images, uploaded, and presented them inside the app.

I was part of the team for 2 years - the longest contract so far.

Technologies: Android, REST, GPS, 3D (libgdx), Ionic and Firebase.

2016 - 2018

FYX Driver

Android Lead Engineer

2016 - 2016


Andriod Engineer

I did my tasks although I was not able to finish all that had been planned. The project was too complex, code made by just one coder and I couldn’t plug and code fast enough.
2015 - 2016

HBO Max (HBO GO previously)

Android Developer

Max is the one to watch for HBO, hit series, films, reality, sports, and more.

 I have developed 2 premium video content streaming apps with millions of users and the library for them. The team was full of awesome and skilled people.

I've done the following:
 • Proactively made improvement suggestions from which 90% were adopted,
 • We had UI issues on a weekly basis -> I suggested and fixed those issues by making more robust code &
 • Learned about VIPER, architecture variation of MVP, with Mockito and PowerMockito tests.

None of the 3 of us had any “main” part on which we worked on but, whatever came as an issue assigned to me, I did it -> Caching, bugs, UI, memory & code improvements, sending tracking data, writing tests, changing models according to JSON responses, etc.

Technologies: Android, Java, MVP, Git, Mockito, PowerMockito, JSON, JIRA, Sprint, Waterfall, OWASP, Chromecast, Bug Tracking, Caching, HockeyApp, VIPER Architecture

2013 - 2015

App for Pregnant Mothers (NDA)

Lead Android Engineer

#1 lifestyle app in the country of client’s origin.

I was the lead Android Engineer; took the re-design and built the app from scratch to publish.
It was one of the most interesting and complex designs I’ve implemented so far.

Technologies: Android, Crashlytics, Material Design, REST, Retrofit, Sprint, SCRUM, Google Play Store, Eclipse IDE

2015 - 2015

Dir po Zagrebu

Full-stack developer

2013 - 2015


Android Engineer

A pub-crawling app for Korean test market (6 months)

The client’s goal was to publish a pub-crawling Android application to the Google Play Store. They chose me to develop it after I gave a review of the two previous developers' code.

On this project, I have done the following:
 • Implemented the full development of the Android and Parse back-end by doing the weekly tasks that I had brainstormed with the client,
 • Migrated the app from Eclipse to Android Studio &
 • Migrated the back-end from DreamFactory to Parse.

We’ve published the app successfully to Google Play Store and I continued working on the revisions until the client paused the project indefinitely.

Technologies: Android, Java, DreamFactory, Parse, Google Maps API, Facebook Integration

2013 - 2015

Conference app for Dubai

Android Engineer

Conference app for Dubai (2 months)

The client wanted a completion of 70% of the finished app on which 4 freelancers, one after another, worked before they left the project. The code was in the worst condition I ever saw and the client had a very tight schedule. The client delivered a fully developed app on time with my help.

Technologies: Android, Java, Rest

2013 - 2013


Co-Founder & Android Developer

I had done the architecture, documentation, full development, partial design, testing, publishing, and promoting.

Being my first published app, I learned a lot including Google Maps API, location, fragments, custom UX and UI design, lists, etc.

Technologies: Android 2.2, Java, Google Maps API, Geocoding, Google Play Store, Eclipse IDE.


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