Software Engineering Mentorship

Inspire Your Software Engineers to Be the Best

Software Engineering Mentorship for Teams that Work SMART and Take Charge

My mentorship service provides advice and assistance for decision-makers who want their engineers to learn valuable knowledge from a seasoned software engineering expert, with dozens of multi-million dollar projects under my belt. Whether you're a CTO, project manager, product owner, scrum master, or C-level manager, my mentorship targets areas where you want your engineers to grow, encouraging them to be bold decision-makers, follow the best software development practices, and align goals with your core values.

My approach as a software engineering mentor is to help your engineers work as a team, communicate effectively, write impeccable, human-readable code, and complete projects. I aim to open their minds to a new way of approaching situations so they can overcome egocentrism and self-importance to do what's best for the code and for your company.

The result is a cohesive work environment, elimination of code debt, optimization of business processes, accountability, and, most importantly, the timely delivery of software projects.




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So, what’s in store for your engineers?

One-on-One Coaching

I can work with software engineers individually to assess their personalities, skills, and barriers to success. In this way, we can collaborate to align their goals and outcomes with the technological vision of your organization. I also teach them the best coding practices and principles of software development, as well as provide feedback to improve their programming skills.

Project Guidance

As a software engineering mentor, I help your engineers outline objectives and outcomes, set SMART goals, clarify roles and responsibilities, and plan milestones. I also provide ongoing project support through regular check-ins, additional resources and training, code reviews, and the promotion of best practices.

Career Development

I foster an environment of growth through constructive criticism, continuous learning, and positive reinforcement. I assist individuals in thinking through their career aspirations and goals, offering guidance and resources that can help them.

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Workshops and Group Sessions

I help your software engineers gain hands-on experience through comprehensive training sessions. I can assist them in mastering technologies such as Android SDK, Jetpack Compose, GCP, python, REST & GraphQL APIs, Kotlin, and Java, as well as software design philosophies like SOLID and architectures like MVVM, MVP, and Clean architectures. They also learn to collaborate efficiently using version control systems like Git and project management tools like Jira, Trello, Notion and many others.

Who needs mentorship

Enhance Your Decision Making With Software Engineering Mentorship

As a decision-maker, you might not have time to delve into what your team lacks. You know something is missing, but you may not know how to effectively communicate with technically-minded engineers in a way that promotes the free exchange of information, concepts, and best practices. That's where I come in so you only focus on the high-level decisions that contribute to organizational growth!

Through weekly mentoring sessions, I can help your team change their mindset, define SMART goals, and take responsibility. By the time I am finished, they will be leaders who can code efficiently, take ownership of their decisions, communicate effectively, and deliver what you need, when you need it.

My services are perfect if you’re a

  • CTO
  • Project Manager
  • Product Owner
  • Scrum Master
  • Anyone in a C-level Management Position


Choose the Right Software Engineering Mentor

Proven Experience

I have worked with 30+ clients, including Max (formerly HBO Max) and Yahoo Fantasy, and have delivered 40+ software solutions.

Comprehensive Skill Set

My expertise spans across mobile and backend development, continuous integration (CI/CD) and modern agile practices.

Tailored Approach

I can quickly understand people's personalities to help them uncover areas of improvement and write perfect code.

Bridging the Gap

I will help bridge the gap between you and your Android engineers so that you understand them and know how to effectively lead them to success.


Ready to Give Your Team the Tools to Succeed

Reach out and we'll explore the perfect solution to help you and your software development team overcome hurdles and achieve success. You can schedule a free consultation and discuss how I can support your organization reach its goals through software engineering mentorship.

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