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Transform your ideas into a flawless mobile experience. My expertise in Kotlin and Java helps me to build MVVM and Clean Architecture, so your app won't be only beautifully designed, it will also scale and be easy to maintain. I have an eye for detail and work with Agile methodologies so your app will evolve with your business adapting swiftly with market changes.

Jetpack Compose, Android SDK + NDK, Firebase, REST APIs, JSON, XML, JIRA, Trello, Material Design, Figma,



In the days of AI there is a lot of GPT generated code, we can witness all kinds of functions and architectures which can put you in the dirt. Take a leap to transform your product. Using the best practices in the industry, I create MVVM, MVP and Clean architectures that can help scale your product and help your organization to see a new light of day.

Kotlin, Java, MVVM, MVP, Clean Architecture, Dagger, Hilt, Room, Git, GitHub Actions


Smartwatch development

Wearables will be a 500 billion dollar industry in 10 years. So your investment in developing a cutting edge applications that are purposely integrated in your customers lifestyle can tremendously help your business. My expertise in creating such products can provide you with invaluable insight.

Kotlin, Java, Wear OS, Android Studio, Material Design, API


AR/VR Development

Transform how your customers interact with your brand by offering them a world beyond the confines of traditional screens. Harness the power of ARCore and Unity to bring to life engaging, interactive experiences that capture imagination and drive engagement. I create memorable, impactful interactions that elevate your business.

Unity, ARCore, ARKit, C#, Kotlin, Java, Blender, Autodesk Maya


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