Education & Experience

2014 - present


Owner & IT Consultant

Established a company to facilitate my remote work journey. Developed 40+ Android/Mobile projects. Collaborated with diverse teams, often leading as a Senior or Consultant. Here are a few links to the notable apps that I worked on:
2024 - present

AR Art Projector by Da Vinci Eye

Android Developer

App for master the art of drawing and sketching.
  • I was hired to speed up the development of the app
  • I was in charge of building the Camera and AR functionality
  • The code had been built with help of ChatGPT and without a proper architecture in mind. That presented a lot of interesting challenges, especially because the client had a very limitted budget, so I had to focus on navigating around the existing code and adding the functionality without refactoring.
  • I wrote a guide to refactor the code through few steps for the client
  • 2023 - 2023


    Android Developer

    Open-source end-to-end encrypted messaging app. Letro is a service like email, but end-to-end encrypted, spam-free, phishing-free and works without the Internet too -- all thanks to Awala which is a delay-tolerant, overlay network.
  • I was in charge of setting up the project from scratch in a Clean variation of an MVVM architecture without the Domain Layer
  • 2022 - 2023


    Android Developer

    Scientific research app of a skin disease called HVS
  • Made the app from scratch
  • I regularly published the app to Beta testers via Firebase Releases during the development process
  • 2021 - 2023

    Geolocation Wristband

    Android Architect/Lead Engineer

    Part of the 5-people team. 1 Senior and 1 Junior Delivery Manager, Project Manager and UX/UI designer. Communicated with 2 POs, 1 DevOps, 2 technical support persons and leading another Android Senior Engineer on daily basis.
  • I was the go-to tech person for this project, Android Architect/Lead Engineer
  • In charge of research and development and taking critical project risks. So far
  • Researched the market and watches by requirements from the client
  • Setup Epics and Stories for the MVP in collaboration with the team
  • Built a roadmap for delivery
  • Wrote the setup guide for the app to work properly in the KIOSK mode on the smartwatch
  • Built native calls functionality with custom UI (not VoIP)
  • 2021 - 2022


    Android Developer

    The client had an immediate need for revamping the app which has a basic functionality but a lot of legacy code and after the Discovery phase of the Geolocation Wristband, they liked my work and hired me on this one too.
  • In charge of Code Review, bug fixing & and updating the code which includes converting Java files to Kotlin, adding the MVVM architecture to the original no-architecture, and following all the best practices
  • Helped improve development processes like staging and production environment, instructions for onboarding the future Android developers, CI/CD pipeline, and release cycle
  • Yahoo Fantasy Sports

    Android Developer

    I was in charge of updating features in the Daily Fantasy part of the app while also updating the code from Java to Kotlin and from a variety of architectural patterns to MVVM with RxJava. Also, built guides for the refactoring for other developers to follow.
  • Built my own tasks according to product directions
  • Agile Kanban with daily SCRUM meetings
  • Helped update different developer guides, JIRA ticket templates, helped in optimizing processes inside the team
  • 2019 - 2021



    Plume Workpass

    Android Developer

    TakhTutor AR

    Android Lead Engineer


    Android Developer


    Android Developer

    2015 - 2018

    FYX Driver and Mechanic apps

    Android Developer

    HBO Max

    Android Developer

    2013 - 2015

    App for Pregnant Mothers (NDA)

    Lead Android Engineer


    Co-Founder & Android Developer


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